You can access the programs from prior conferences here. Programs are stored in Adobe pdf format.

2018 San Diego, CA
2017 St. Louis, MO
2016 Milwaukee, WI
2015 Houston, TX
2014 Miami, FL
2013 San Diego, CA
2012 Indianapolis, IN
2011 Orlando, FL
2010 Milwaukee, WI
        Presentations from JPSSM

            Raj Agnihotri, Adam Rapp, Rakesh Singh, and Sanket Gupta, Engineering the Salesperson-Customer Relationship
            Michael Rodriguez, Professional Sales and Entertainment
            Michael Rodriguez and Earl Honeycutt, Alcohol Abuse and Business Entertaining
        Presentations from Sales Trainers

            Dr. Brian Lambert, NCSM ASTD Overview 2010
2009 Norfolk, VA
2008 Dallas, TX
2007 Irvine, CA
2006 Minneapolis, MN 
2005 Miami Beach, FL
        Presentations from JPSSM
             Greg Marshall, Editor
             Bill Moncrief: Focusing on Quality
             Ken Evans: Quality in Selling & Sales Management Research
             Roasann Spiro: Why Quality Matters So Much
        Presentations from Sales Trainers
             Burton Training: Sales Force Development (pdf format)
             Learning Outsource Group: Sales Training from the Consultant to the Classroom (pdf format)

2004 Reno, NV 
2003 Cincinnati, OH 
2002 Atlanta, GA 
2001 Dallas, TX 
2000 Anaheim, CA 

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